Hello, friends

Welcome! We’re so glad you’ve decided to waste spend your time at our humble website. Work Hangover has a storied history, but for the past decade has been in hibernation. Life, shoddy internet service and a complete lack of demand were among the reasons the site has been on a decade-long hiatus. But, there’s nothing like a global pandemic and weeks of self-isolation to get the creative juices flowing!

If you were one of the dozens of people who read our first iteration, you will recognize the poor grammar and feeble attempts at sarcasm. Our embrace of total bias when it comes to the sports we enjoy, the teams we support and our own sense of humor remain solidly in tact. As we’ve evolved into a middle-aged white dad, there will be more talk about golf, with even an occasional review of a golf course. While there will be less stories of nights at bars and more dad jokes, the fundamentals of Work Hangover persist.

For the newcomers, our allegiances will become evident as you follow along. College sports and golf will dominate the sports conversation. Our family is associated with a variety of universities for a variety of reasons – UNC, Penn State, Michigan, Richmond, Grand Valley State and UT-Chattanooga – and you’ll likely hear about all of them at some point. If there are current events happening, we’ll give our thoughts there. For starters, the founder of Work Hangover will be the primary voice, but we like to bring in guest columnists to bring some much needed writing skills and perspective.

The goal for Work Hangover 2.0 (see how tech savvy we are?!?) is 2-3 posts per week, that will provide a humorous take on something in the world of sports. Let me warn you, though, the takes will be hot (insert sarcasm emoji).

Hopefully, you’ll actually occasionally laugh – at me or with me, doesn’t matter – the point is to laugh.

If you have ideas, thoughts, concerns, questions, want to be a guest writer or just want to tell us how we’ve provided a rescue boat as you were drowning in the sea of uncertainty, shoot an email to workhangover@gmail.com.

Published by workhangover

I'm a blog, mostly about sports. Come for the gripping analysis, stay for the witty jokes.

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