An Oral History of Work Hangover

Sometime in the mid-2000s, there was a guy living in a Northern Virginia apartment he couldn’t afford, working a job he hated, spending way too much time in bars (Dan’s Cafe, anyone?) and shockingly, he was single. So, naturally he turned to the internet. And no, not for dates (yet), but to put his hard-earned* journalism degree to work.

He turned to Blogspot, and started writing down his thoughts on sports and telling tales from his life and called it Work Hangover. Why Work Hangover? Well, because he was hung over at work and looking for things to kill time. Other than, you know, doing his job. His parents are so proud.

Work Hangover relocated its world headquarters to Charlotte, NC in 2006 and lived in an apartment he couldn’t afford, worked a job he hated, spent way too much time in bars and shockingly, he was single. Then, the Great Recession hit and Work Hangover was forced to close its doors in 2010.

Over the last decade, our hero’s fortunes have made a turn for the better. Perhaps it was the lack of stress from running a world-renowned blog. Or maybe it was realizing he was 30 in a job he hated and needed to get his life together. Nah, that can’t be it. Either way, stops in Chapel Hill and Ann Arbor followed, a career actually working in sports started, shockingly a marriage happened and he now lives in a house he can afford in Chattanooga, complete with a baby (that he can’t afford).

So, why restart Work Hangover now? Well, in case you haven’t heard, there’s a global pandemic and we’re all locked in our homes. Stress, anxiety, fear and confusion are at all-time highs and we are all searching for ways to cope with being forced to spend time in our homes with our loved ones. So, while Work Hangover is not the hero you deserve, it’s the hero you need.

*it is hard to earn a degree with a 50% attendance rate and occasionally bringing bourbon and cokes to the classes you did attend. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

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I'm a blog, mostly about sports. Come for the gripping analysis, stay for the witty jokes.

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