Where are our sports?!

Wow – what an opening weekend to the NCAA Tournament! With UNC suffering it’s worst season since 2001-02 season and not making the tournament, there was a reduced level of excitement going into the tournament at Work Hangover. But, as always, the NCAA tournament wins again – the Spiders went from First Four to the Sweet Sixteen, Penn State and Michigan look like Final Four contenders, Duke suffered a humiliating defeat and…wait, what? They cancelled the whole tournament!?! What in the name of Wuhan is going on around here?!

Oh yeah. Coronavirus.

In case you weren’t aware, on March 11, an NBA game was suspended just prior to tip-off and it was soon reported that Rudy Gobert tested positive for the Coronavirus. If you’re like me, your first thought was “Who is Rudy Gobert?”

Shortly after that game was suspended, the NBA season was suspended and the avalanche began. While every organization, league, conference, school, team, and sports fan wanted to find a way to still play the games we all love, it was inevitable that everything would follow the NBA’s lead. Even the Olympics are allegedly being cancelled, according to a fellow named Dick Pound. With a name that carries such gravitas like Dick Pound, you have to believe him.

Quick moment of rational thought: The decisions to cancel, suspend or postpone sports were 100% the correct decision. The leading doctors and scientists in the world are all saying the same thing – shut it down – and we should all listen to them. I rarely want to hug men in their late 70s that are complete strangers, but I want to give Dr. Anthony Fauci a hug. But, he wouldn’t let me, because, you know, social distancing. Which only makes me want to hug him more.

That said, my second thought as cancellations began to pile up was, “This sucks.”

The month from the opening round of the NCAA tournament through Masters Sunday is the best sports month of the year. I mean, honestly, the Coronavirus could not have picked a worse time of year to invade all of our lives. So, naturally, we decided to relaunch our sports blog when there is zero actual content.

In order to help all of us cope with the absence of meaning sports in our lives, here are three tips for filling the time vacated by the lack of sporting events:

  1. Have a kid. Granted, this may be challenging without some advance notice, but spending your days feeding a baby, changing diapers and attempting to get him to nap so you have a chance to nap are a great way to disconnect from everything that is happening in the world. While this may not be helpful for this global pandemic, remember it for next time.
  2. Go jogging. I think it’s a soft j. Apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It’s supposed to be wild.
  3. Call a friend. Pick up the phone and call one person a day that is in your contact list until you’ve gone through the entire list of contacts in your iPhone. I did this last week and got two voicemails and a disconnected line. It was really uplifting. Actually, the better thing to do is just scroll through the contacts on your phone and try to figure out who the random phone numbers that are somehow still in there like “Biscuit” and “Karim the Cab,” who is not to be confused with his brother “Wilmington Cab”. My favorite is trying to figure who the people that you only put their first name, as if they were Pele. Like Dane. There’s someone named Dane in my phone. I’ve got no clue who Dane is, but at one point, we were definitely best friends.

At the end of the day, we’ll all figure out a way through these unprecendented circumstances. We have to get innovative. So, we started a text only website with minimal pictures, no graphics, no video, no podcast, no Tik Tok. Just words on a page. I really think this is the future of media. Get on board while you can.

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I'm a blog, mostly about sports. Come for the gripping analysis, stay for the witty jokes.

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