Weekly Ramblings May 31

Listen, there are really important, serious, sad, confusing, and frustrating things happening in our country right now. We aren’t going to go into all that here because frankly, it’s not something to joke about and this blog has always been a place for us to escape the stress of real life. But, between the pandemic, the rioting and protests and the grandparents visiting, we haven’t had much time or energy to post this week. So, this week’s ramblings will be brief.  

As we mentioned, our parents are here to visit. In 12 hours, they used 21 different cups/glasses to drink out of, which doesn’t include the to-go cups they got from somewhere on one of their 12 walk This doesn’t seem possible. Between the two of them, they used 5 coffee mugs in the morning. We’ve run the dishwasher twice in 36 hours and they’ve eaten two blocks of cheese. 

Ostensibly, they came to spend time with their grandson. Being 4 months old, he has a fairly set schedule of napping and eating. Oh, to be young again. That said, we can predict with a reasonable degree of accuracy when he will be awake and available for the grandparents to spoil him. For example, from 7-8am, he’s wide awake, happy and is great time to play and spend time with him. What time do the grandparents roll down each morning? 8:15. Obviously. And each morning, we hear, “he has to nap already?”  

Yesterday, we took grandpa to play golf, so Mrs. Hangover was home with the baby and grandma. She reported that he woke up early from a nap, and upon suggesting to grandma that this might be a good time for her to hang out with her grandson, the following response was reported: 

“I’m having quiet time and need to catch up on some things on the internet.” 30 minutes later, we learn that “things on the internet” means forwarding chain emails. When you want to know who the Russian bots are targeting to help spread propaganda, look no further. 

We could go on, but let’s take a quick look at a couple things actually related to sports that caught our eye over the past week. 

MLB Labor Discussions  

We’ve done a lot of stupid things in our life. There was a particular 8-year span where just about every decision we made was a bad one. But, if a sport goes on strike coming out of the pandemic, it would be way dumber than all of those things combined. Just like we survived those 8 years – and it was close on a few occasions – the sport will survive a strike. But it’s a long road back full of incredibly humbling moments of trying to regain your past glory. Let’s say when you were 18 you felt like you were a pretty athletic person – played lots of sports, run for days, the world was your oyster. Now, you’re in your early 30s, working as an intern, 30 pounds overweight, going to a university rec center to get on an elliptical machine because you can’t actually run outside for more than 10-15 minutes. Fortunately, now you sweat a lot more, and you are surrounded by 20-year-old college girls who keep staring and whispering, “who is the creep on elliptical 5?” If MLB endures a strike, they will be the creep on elliptical 5. Not that we would have any idea what that feels like. 

Dicey times for college athletics 

You thought that when all these schools were cutting sports that it was the worst news possible for college athletics? Well, we have reached a new low. This past week, it was reported that the commissioners of the Power 5 conferences asked Congress to get involved in creating NIL legislation. You know things are going poorly when you think Congress is the solution. Do we really want Ted Cruz and Nancy Pelosi determining the fate of college athletics? 

While, yes, if you’ve reached the point where you need to legal rulings involved with NCAA rules, it is better for there to be one law that all the schools need to abide by. However, if you’ve reached the point where you need to get legal rulings involved with NCAA rules, you’re in serious trouble.  

This is where it’s important to remember that NCAA rules are not laws, and laws are not necessarily NCAA rules. This leads us to the unpopular option. What if the NCAA just said, “you can pass all the laws you want, but we believe our rules are in the best interest of college athletics, so we aren’t going to change? And, if a young man or woman does something that is in violation of our rules, they are no longer eligible. So, pass all the NIL legislation you want. But if one of these athletes gets money for his autograph, we think that is great, but he just can’t play basketball for us.” 

We’re not necessarily advocating for this, but in principle, if you truly believed the rules to participate in your organization were important to follow, wouldn’t you stick to them? Or, maybe, they are just beneficial to certain people and you know this, and now that you’ve been called on it you are begging for help. Either way, this is the last person I want to be involved. 

Some Good News 

We aren’t Jim Halpert, but we can provide some good news in these difficult times. Los Angeles Dodger David Price has offered to pay $1,000 in June to every minor leaguer in the Dodgers organization. This is notable for a couple reasons. One, Price has never actually played a game for the Dodgers. Honestly, we didn’t even realize he was part of that organization. More importantly, he’s helping a lot of struggling players who while they can call themselves professional athletes, are not going to be appearing on the next episode of Cribs. And yes, we’re pretty sure that show doesn’t exist anymore, and for that matter, we assume MTV doesn’t exist anymore either. Which is nice because our parents wouldn’t let us watch MTV growing up, so it’s really like it never existed. Price just may want to double check to make sure Michael Jordan hasn’t joined the Dodgers organization. 

Ok, that’s all we have for this week. Hang in there.  

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