Weekly Ramblings – June 14

As we sit here on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we are thankful for the fact that we’re going to plant ourselves on a sofa, turn on a television and watch about 5 hours of the best golfers in the world battle it out. We may even doze off for a portion of time. Who knows? The world is our oyster, and we’re going to crack it open to find a great leaderboard at The Colonial. 

With that said, we figured we’d let you in on the action, while we also go through our ramblings. Since we know you have been tracking our Ten to Win predictions closely, we’ll provide some commentary while we watch. 

For those of you who might not have memorized our predictions, there are 5 of our picks that are currently within 4 shots of the lead in the early portion of the fourth round, with Jordan Spieth leading the way, just one shot back. Spieth, DeChambeau, Rose, Ancer and Im are all in the hunt. Xander Schauffele is the tournament leader. 

MLB Labor Talks 

Here is a live look at the current state of Major League Baseball. Both sides continue to bury their heads deeper in the sand. The Players Association rejected the latest offer and have imposed a deadline of June 15, also known as tomorrow, for the owners to present their full plan for how and when to have a season. We eagerly anticipate the owners doing exactly what the players requested, paying them all the money they want and the season cranking up in a few weeks.  

We cut to a commercial break in the golf action, and the leaderboard shows Speith at 12-under through five holes. When we return from commercial, Spieth is putting for par on #5 and is 13-under par. Guessing he misses this putt.  

Kyrie tries to cancel basketball 

Apparently, on a call with NBA players, Kyrie Irving made a passionate plea to the other players on the call to not play basketball this year. We say apparently because we were not invited to the call. Must have forgotten to send us the Zoom link. Regardless, his reasoning was that playing basketball games will take the attention away from the social justice issues that our country is facing. If you’re worried that people will focus their time and attention on the basketball games, maybe it makes more sense to play the games and use that as your platform? While Kyrie is one of the best basketball players in the world, he also once questioned whether or not the Earth was flat. So, maybe we also listen to some other voices on this one? Not to mention the fact that Kyrie is injured and wouldn’t even be able to play this year. We would argue that they should cancel the season, if only because it seems like a totally convoluted way to get a season in, and will have significant impacts on next season. But, players wanna get paid and the league wants its money from its TV deals, so we’re going to play basketball.  

The golf coverage transitions to CBS and the sweet sounds of Jim NantzNantz’s broadcast partner Sir Nick Faldo is in a studio in Orlando, while Nantz is at the course. Clearly, the remote announcing set up has Nantz off his game – just misread a Geico commercial. Tough start for the legend. 

NCAA Olympic Sports In Danger 

Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde and Ross Dellenger took a deep dive into the realities of Olympic Sports throughout the NCAA this week. This subject is particularly dear to Forde’s heart, as he has kids who compete in some of these sports. We’ve made our thoughts clear on this, but the sad thing is we may have only seen the tip of the iceberg at this point. When If there are limited access for fans this fall, and the football revenue takes a 50-70% dip, we’re only going to see more sports cut. Want a radical idea that just popped into our head? Coronavirus might end up having a bigger impact on the sport of football than concussions. If you are facing significant budget cuts, and your football program is already losing money because you’re in over your head, AND you are dangerously close to the NCAA minimum number of sports to be Division I, you might just start looking at your investment in football.  Do you drop to FCS to keep football but drastically reduce expenses? Or do you just cut football? We don’t think that will happen, but envisioning that scenario isn’t as difficult as it used to be. 

Spieth and something named Jason Kokrak just both missed 3-foot putts. If they need help knowing how to bounce back from that, give us a call. We recommend drinking heavily, and we’re pre-med so should probably listen to us. 

Premier League Returns 

Wednesday, the victory parade for Liverpool begins as the Premier League returns to action. Here’s a rundown of what’s at stake over the last stretch of the season for each team. That article will be much more informative than anything we would write, but a few things struck us as we read it. Wolverhampton and Sheffield United are both currently ahead of Tottenham and Arsenal. Relegation always provides some excitement (the bottom three teams get sent down to a lower level each year), and while Norwich City has firmly established itself as the worst team in the league, 5 other teams are within four points of each other. It might just be us, but watching bad teams desperately trying to win games is much more interesting that watching bad teams intentionally lose games to try to improve their draft position. 

Leaders making the turn with DeChambeau tied for the lead and Justin Rose one stroke back. And, you know, some other golfers out there but we didn’t pick them. Also, Charles Schwab, the actual guy Charles Schwab, apparently goes by Chuck. Wouldn’t have guessed that. 

MLB Draft 

The MLB Draft took place this week. For the draft picks, do they send them a contract and instructions on how to file for unemployment? Another economic side effect is the impact on minor league baseball. This past winter, there was an announcement that MLB was likely going to contract many of their minor league franchises for financial reasons, with our local AA team being on the hit list. The leadership of the Chattanooga Lookouts keep trying to put on a positive front, but it’s about as effective as Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House. All is well! Remain calm!  

DeChambeau drills a birdie and takes the outright lead! If he finishes this off, he might weigh 400 pounds by the next tournament.  

Mack – Still Back 

The Carolina Football team picked up another commitment from a 4-star recruit last week, beating out the likes of Georgia, Ohio State, South Carolina, and Tennessee for Jahvaree Ritzie. Heels are top 5 in the nation for the 2021 recruiting class. Those are two sentences that we never thought we would write.  

Really high quality Sunday afternoon nap.  

While we were sleeping, our heroes finished one shot out of a playoff featuring Colin Morikawa and Daniel Berger, after Xander Schauffele’s par attempt on 17 has a nasty lip out. Berger won after Morikawa’s par putt on the first playoff hole lipped out as well. Golf is a brutal game – these guys are hitting the ball all over a 7,500-yard golf course, and a fraction of an inch is the difference between winning and losing.  

While we generally subscribe to the Ricky Bobby philosophy of “if you’re not first, you’re last,” we are overall pleased with our 10 to Win performance this week. 2 in the top 5, 3 more in the top 15, and only 3 who missed the cut. Fortunately, no wagers were made, so we won’t be forced to humiliate ourselves. 

We also played in a golf tournament this weekend, where our motto was similar to Ricky Bobby, but with a subtle, yet crucial difference. If you’re not last, you’re first. And, by a fraction of an inch, we weren’t last.  

So, much like this blog, we have plenty of room for progress!  

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