Weekly Ramblings – July 19

We gotta be honest with you. It was not a good week if you are someone who enjoys college sports, plays college sports, or happen to work in college sports. Fortunately, none of those describe Work Hangover, so we had a wonderful week. After all, we took the day off on Friday to play golf and squeezed out a personal best score. All credit due to the new 25-degree hybrid Mrs. Hangover purchased for us as a gift for being such a great blog. She’s so proud.  

College Athletics…getting dicey 

The snowball has been formed, is getting started at the top of the hill and is about to come careening down through Whoville. What started with a whimper of some geeks from the northeast when the Ivy League suspended fall sports has now become a fairly loud roar, and the likelihood of fall college sports seems lower and lower with each passing day.  

At this point, it seems that the Power 5 conferences are going to do everything they can to salvage football this fall. We can’t blame them, as they have TV contracts worth tens of millions to each school, so even if they play without fans, they can still recoup some of their losses. However, the Group of 5 and FCS schools that don’t have TV contracts. So, games without fans don’t help financially, and only send the message that it’s not safe for the paying customers to sit and watch, but it’s definitely safe for the athletes to block, tackle, sweat and spit all over each other for three hours. 

Without going into all the variables involved, we’ll allow the NCAA to dissect the problem with this handy chart. We know we’re not the first to make this joke, but when the NCAA is criticizing you for hanging out individual entities under your umbrella out to dry, you know you’ve screwed up. The lesson, as always, wear a mask. 

NFL Wobbling 

Today, the NFL players went on a Twitter campaign to inform the NFL owners that they may not be totally sold on actually playing football this fall. While it’s easy to brush this off as posturing by NFL players, the point they are making is that owners are not following guidelines that were produced by health experts for them. Which seems like a common trend through this, and just so we’re clear whether not listening to medical professionals is a good strategy, let’s take another look at the NCAA’s chart

Buffalo Blue Jays 

Major League Baseball starts its shortened season this coming week, but there’s a minor complication. Canada is apparently not letting the Blue Jays play their games at home, presumably because they don’t want any idiot Americans bring the Rona into Canada. Can’t blame them, and it reiterates the common theme that the United States has totally botched its handling of the pandemic. But more importantly, less than week before the season starts, the Jays are looking for a place to play. Their options appear to be a rundown minor-league stadium in Buffalo or going to their spring training stadium in the Covid-factory that is known as Florida. Two great options. We’d vote for Buffalo…which should tell you more about how miserable we think Florida would be right now. 

Snitches Get Stitches 

We could make jokes about the NBA hotline to report violations of protocol in the bubble, but CBS Sports already made a video with all the good jokes, so just go watch it.  

Tiger Returns 

We’re watching the final round of the Memorial, and well, it would take a total implosion for Jon Rahm not to win…you know, like shooting a 10 on a par 5, but that’s definitely not possible for these guys, right Bryson? Meanwhile, Tiger played uninspired golf, and to add insult to injury, he was in a greenside bunker on 18 today when a weather delay came through. So, he waited an extra hour to come out, hit a bunker shot, miss a 10-footer, and take a bogey. If Tiger wasn’t going to be hopping on his private jet to fly back to his estate in Jupiter to look at his 82 tournament trophies – or maybe he’ll go to his place at Albany in the Bahamas – we might feel sorry for the guy.  

Boo Yah 

Today would have been Stuart Scott’s birthday. A great Tar Heel gone to soon, he inspired one of our finer moments during our time in Chapel Hill. During a semi-formal dinner with several esteemed alumni, one alumnus was giving a speech and made a comment bragging about his prowess on the dating scene during his time as an undergrad. It was a particularly awkward comment that drew a smattering of pity laughs, clearly not the reaction he was expecting. Naturally, we decided to shout, “BOO YAH,” much to the delight of the crowd. You’re welcome, fella. 

(We may have enjoyed the reaction so much that we started yelling this every few minutes for the rest of the event, but we can neither confirm nor deny that accusation). 

Regardless, one of our favorite parts of watching SportsCenter with Stuart Scott was his blatant homerism about the Heels. As a fellow grad of UNC’s School of Journalism, we can attest that bringing personal bias into your stories is one of the primary tenets of journalism.  

Ok, friends, we’re calling it a day. Get pumped for baseball opening day this week and as always, wear a mask. 

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