Weekly Ramblings – August 23

This week’s ramblings will be abbreviated due to a return visit from the Hangover parents. You’ll be pleased to know that we are not suffering through an ice shortage during this visit, but patience is running way low. We were able to sneak away to write up this brief, yet poignant collection of our thoughts from the past week. 

College Football 

The current state of college football is probably best described by this video (shoutout to a loyal Hangover reader from the shores of Littlefield Lake, MI for passing this along) but we’ll attempt to add our own color to the proceedings. Here’s the current perspective on having football season amid the ongoing global pandemic from each Power 5 conference: 

SEC: If we don’t play football, the good people of our collective states will lose the will to eat.  When’s kickoff?  

Big 12: We haven’t put up a good defense to anything in our history, what makes you think our approach to COVID would be any different? 

ACC: Listen, Syracuse and Boston College’s states won’t allow people to travel there from any other state in the conference and UNC, which has the #2-ranked School of Public Health in our country, just sent all its students home after one week of class. But guys – we convinced Notre Dame to actually be in the conference for real!  

Big Ten: Hey Jim…it’s Kevin. Warren. You know, the guy you hired to follow you as Big Ten Commissioner? Yes, that Kevin. Anyway, I know you’re retired, but any chance you could help me out with the Nebraska folks? I didn’t even realize they were in the conference because they’ve been totally irrelevant and now they won’t shut up. When you added them, you retained the right to just kick them out or not pay them or something, right?! 

PAC-12: Do we have enough money to send Kevin Warren a care package to thank him for handling their decision so badly that it is taking all the attention away from us making the same decision? No? Ok…well I’ll just text him thank you. 


If you hold the playoffs in a bubble and nobody watches, do you still crown a champion?  

We actually watched some of the Lakers-Blazers game last night, and while we enjoyed the quality basketball, it felt nothing like a playoff game. The energy of the digital crowd for this home game for Portland just wasn’t quite the same as if they were playing in the Rose Garden. Portland has some of the best fans in all of sports, and we’d love to see them have a run at the Lakers while playing these games in their actual home arena.  

That said, if you’re a basketball die hard, check out this schedule. The beauty of the bubble is a quadruple-header of hoops every day. It will absolutely lack the excitement of actual playoff basketball, but it’s the best players in the world going at each other every day, all day long.   


We’ve reached the halfway point of the season, unless you are the Marlins or Cardinals who have played half the games of everyone else, and the biggest news this week was people getting upset that a player hit a Grand Slam on a 3-0 count. In a sport that prides itself on having some form of honor and moral high ground yet doesn’t punish a team that blatantly cheated to win a World Series, this latest uproar is beyond absurd. If you want the full details of the Fernando Tatis episode you can click here, but the stance at Work Hangover until further notice is if you want something to be a rule, write it down and make it a rule. If you get you upset because a guy hits a home run while your team is already getting beat, our advice is to suck it up and play better. Or, you know, cheat so you can win a championship and face no repercussions.  


While the men attempt to chase down Dustin Johnson during the first leg of the FedEx Cup playoffs, the real story in golf took place across at the pond at Royal Troon. Today, Sophia Popov won the Women’s British Open. We realize that you probably couldn’t name many professional women’s golfers, but we can, and we have no idea who Sophia Popov is. We do know what Popov is, and may or may not have enjoyed a few sips of this Russian delicacy in our day, but we’re pretty sure that’s totally irrelevant to this conversation. 

Popov, the golfer, is currently ranked 304 in the world, and has no actual status on the LPGA tour after COVID cancelled qualifying school. She is a Cactus Tour legend – with three wins on that highly esteemed tour in five months – and that type of success gets you back on the top tour. As a caddie. That’s right, in July, she caddied for a fellow golfer at an LPGA event. 

Today, she’s the Champion Golfer of the Year. Pretty amazing. Someone’s gonna take the top off the Popov while she’s celebrating the win tonight! 

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