Weekly Ramblings – August 30

So, we temporarily relocated Work Hangover Headquarters to Michigan over the past week, so you’ll have to excuse the brevity of this post. However, since Hangover HQ is currently our in-laws living room, where the situation is currently no lighting, no television on, the in-laws both neck deep on Facebook in their iPhones and the only sound alternates between a dog lapping up water and said dog panting heavily because he just switched rooms to drink said water. These ideal work conditions mean you’ll get a heavy dose of Hangover this week. On to an abbreviated version of the Ramblings. 

College Football is Back 

If you had asked us to name the two schools that would be the first to play college football in the midst of a global pandemic, Austin Peay and Central Arkansas would actually have been pretty close to the top of our list. While we may or may not agree with the general concept of playing contact sports in the midst of a global pandemic, it was a great showcase for FCS football. From a 75-yard touchdown on the opening play to the game-winning score with 39 seconds left, the Governors and Bears put on a great display of what FCS fans know happens every week. Or, at least the ones when football is actually played. 

That said, one of the biggest pet peeves around our offices is the use of the term “Week 0” when referring to the first week of the college football season. It’s absurd every year – the first week teams are competing is Week 1. This isn’t complicated. BUT, it’s especially stupid in a year where our next game (Non-Central Arkansas division) may be two to 52 weeks away. Just don’t say it, ok? Just say, we have a game today and it’s going to be great. 

Meanwhile, Central Arkansas has another game on THURSDAY. We’re not even mad, we’re just impressed. We haven’t counted, but at last check, Central Arkansas is playing 23 games this fall. Bless their hearts. 

No Ball Association 

The NBA briefly took a pause this week, as the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their playoff game with Magic, and then all the remaining playoff games for a couple days were “boycotted.” Of course, the games are just being made up later, so it’s not really like these players made a significant sacrifice. That said, it certainly was an eye-opener in the sports world, and we hope the NBA players, and any other professional sports teams or athletes use their platform to advance causes they believe in.  

While we fully support the efforts of any American to peacefully protest any and all injustices, we’re going to spend this time focusing more on the term boycott. We also realize this is semantics and totally irrelevant, but we ask that you bear with us. A google search returns the following definition of the verb boycott: “withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest.” 

With that definition in mind, did the NBA players not playing for two days punish anyone? Other than perhaps the fans that wanted to watch? Sure, it got a lot of attention, but was it a boycott? Also, it seems to me when you boycott something, it should be a sacrifice to you personally but for a greater good. For instance, friend of Hangover Dr. G boycotted Pantana Bob’s in Chapel Hill for several years due to what he deemed inappropriate remarks from a bouncer.  Do you have any idea what kind of sacrifice that was for the good doctor? Where else can you enjoy a $2.50 jack and coke while being surrounded by underage Phi Delts and also be within a block of Time Out? Nowhere. Nowhere is the answer. And we’re certain that P-Bob’s felt the pain financially and ecumenically.  

Similar Protest, Slightly less Attention 

Meanwhile, Chattanooga FC, the venerable (very) minor league soccer team in Chattanooga had its match on Saturday cancelled because something called “New Amsterdam FC” didn’t make the trip “as a statement of support for racial justice and against police brutality”. Again, we do not want to make light of the serious issues facing our country right now, but come on, New Amsterdam FC. We commend your devotion to racial justice but forgive us if you really just didn’t want to make the trip from the Bronx to Chattanooga, TN to lose a soccer game in the NISA, which is the self-proclaimed, “third tier of American soccer”. We’re pretty sure the 4th tier is the local men’s league game that takes place every Thursday night at 7pm.  

Fun fact though – Eric Wynalda is the coach of New Amsterdam FC. Another fun fact, the team has only existed for 5 months. Not looking good for the next 5. 

Beer Recommendation 

A new feature on the Ramblings, which only exists because our loyal Hangover reader Bacon sent this in, is a weekly beer recommendation. The first, and likely last, is Calf Milk – a session pale ale from Fonta Flora Brewery. Bacon’s review: Very good taste. 

Thanks Bacon. Great insight. However, the real reason it was sent is the great graphics on the can, which are identified as “Duane Bock’s calves.” In fact, the beer was “inspired by Duane Bock’s notorious calves” and sales of Calf Milk will “promote diversity in golf.” A noble cause, to be sure, but Bacon’s pressing question is “did Duane Bock approve”? 

The answer, Dr. Bacon, is an emphatic yes. Not only did Duane approve, he has been bugging his buddies who had an actual idea for a business, have invested their time, money, family, life into making that idea a reality and care deeply about the craft of their beer and their brewery FOREVER about making a beer about his calves. We all know Duane. Duane loves himself some Duane. He acts like he doesn’t care whether you mention his calves when you’re playing golf with him, but somehow, he always seems to find a way to mention them by the 3rd tee box. No one cares, Duane. No one cares. 

Anyway, we have an exciting week ahead of us. We may submit some new additions to our golf course review segments, we may rant about living with our in-laws and how they get all judgey when we grab a third beer on Sunday night (I’M ON VACATION) and maybe we’ll even write about some actual sports.  Don’t get your hopes up though. 

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