Ten to Win – Saturday

Moving Day is in the books, and most of the movement was down the leaderboard, as only 7 players managed to shoot below par, and only 3 remain under par for the tournament. The big winner of the day was Matthew Wolfe, who shot an incredible 65 to put himself in the lead, two shots clear of DeChambeau.

Winged Foot is proving more gettable than it has in past US Opens, but is still playing plenty difficult, and disaster can strike at any moment. Just ask our old friend Patrick Reed, who started the day in the lead and played the front nine in 1-under. Apparently, he had a bad combo dog at the turn, and shot 8-over on the back to fall to 3-over for the tournament. While Wolfe is winning, he’s playing his first US Open, at Winged Foot, and sleeping on the lead. Gonna be a long night, and our heroes still have a chance. Let’s take a look…

Day – 12-over: Out of the mix, but hey, at least he gets a paycheck!

DJ – 5-over: If this was 2006, he’d be right in the mix. Unfortunately for him, and all of us frankly, it is 2020. Rest up for the Masters DJ.

Matsuyama – Even: If you just looked at the final score, it would appear to be a pretty boring day for Hideki. A deeper dive into his round shows 6 birdies, 4 bogeys and a double bogey. On the 15th tee box, he was 3-under and we were ready to start carving his name into the trophy. Another even par day might just get him there though.

Rahm – 7-over: One of the more surprising scores of the day, Rahm was 3-over through 3 holes and Winged Foot seemed to just wear him down. He’s not the first to suffer that fate.

Schauffele – Even: Similar to Matsuyama, Xander’s day was a bit of an adventure, including an eagle on 9 to get to 2-under par. 3 bogeys in the middle of the back now derailed his day, but he’s in the mix.

Simpson – 3-over: A good day but Webb might be a bit too far back to legitimately have a chance. Will need a low round and a lot of help.

Thomas – 4-over: Only more suprising score than Rahm was JT, who shot himself out of the tournament.

Of our 10, we’d put our money on Schauffele to get it done tomorrow. But, since you freeloaders don’t pay for this premium content, we have no money. If we’re being forced to pick a winner, DeChambeau is probably the safest pick over Wolfe, but we’re rooting for them to come back to the field to create some drama. Because, don’t look now, but ole Rory McIlroy is sitting there a 1-over, and maybe this is the time he gets back on the major pedestal. Our prediction is if anyone can finish at 1-under, they’ll win the tournament, even par gets you in a playoff. Let’s have some fun watching them suffer!

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