Weekly Ramblings – October 4

We’ve been so busy watching sports that we forgot to actually write about them. Fear not, we remembered enough about what happened over the past week to have a few thoughts.  

Mack = Still Back 

Another dominant performance from your #8-ranked Tar Heels against Boston College on Saturday in Chestnut Hill. The Heels, ever hospitable, allowed the Eagles to hang around but ultimately clinched the game with 2-point conversion interception return for a touchback. Just the way Mack drew it up. 

As the Heels entered the 4th quarter, we texted Scratch, the biggest Carolina football fan we know for some encouragement. Too many memories of the Fedora era (and the Bunting era, and the Torbush era and the…you get the point) were flooding into our mind, so we asked Scratch if the Heels were going to finish off the win. His response, “Don’t have a good feeling.” Carolina football, ladies and gentlemen! 

The Heels scraped by and got out of town as quickly as possible. Now, they have a schedule set up with a bunch of winnable games heading into the 2-game finale against Notre Dame and at Miami. Despite having zero confidence the Heels could finish out a game with a touchdown lead late in the fourth quarter, we’re totally in on the Heels being undefeated and ranked in the top 5 heading into those two matchups.  

SEC 20% 

The SEC is taking their “It Just Means More” a little too literally these days. While watching the UGA vs. Auburn matchup on Saturday night in Athens, there appeared to the untrained eye to be very little social distancing in the crowd. If that was “20-25%” of capacity in Sanford Stadium, they’ll have 200,000 people at their first post-COVID game. We’re not sure social distancing means what the Dawgs think it means. 

NFC Least 

Your Washington Football team and the Dallas Cowboys are longtime rivals who have dominated the NFC East for decades. So, it’s no surprise to see these two legendary franchises separate themselves atop the NCF East standings this early in the season. The two best 1-3 teams in the league, Washington and Dallas are on a collision course for a HUGE matchup in three weeks of the best 1-5 teams in the league.  

If the Cowboys keep playing like this, actual cowboys are going to start complaining that their nickname is racist. 

COVID Fights Back 

The nation’s best dressed celebrity with his famous hair revealed he tested positive for COVID this week, throwing our nation into total unrest and confusion. His opponents are offering half-hearted wishes for a full recovery while not-so-subtly basking in the glow of karma and discussing how to best leverage the time while he is in quarantine for their own benefit. Godspeed, Cam Newton. 

Meanwhile, we can’t wait till the details of the Tennessee Titans outbreak come to light. The league is imposing heavy fines for coaches who aren’t wearing their masks during games, so it’ll be fascinating to see what happens when it’s revealed that Mike Vrabel took his team on the Sprocket Rocket through Broadway after their comeback win against the Vikings. The fine may be having to drive the Sprocket Rocket for a month of bachelorette parties. After the 4,000th time hearing a bunch of drunks screaming along to Livin on a Prayer in a weekend, there won’t be a fine big enough that they won’t pay. 

NBA Bubble Bursting 

Lebron is about to win his 4th ring, Anthony Davis is staking his claim to best young player over Giannis and Danny Green is rapidly climbing the charts of greatest champion role player of all-time, just behind Robert Horry and Steve Kerr. By midnight on the East Coast on Tuesday, the Lakers will have swept the Heat to claim the franchise’s 17th NBA title, tying them with the Celtics and the only question is which NBA player on either team will be photographed drunk in a bar first. Ordinarily, we’d pick Alex Caruso as easy money to win that title, but the proximity of Miami of the Bubble in Orlando gives Meyers Leonard a significant advantage. But if you see JaVale McGee and Pluto riding the Sprocket Rocket through downtown Orlando Tuesday night, don’t be surprised. 

The real question is how big of an asterisk will this title have on it? In the great MJ vs. Lebron debate, does this ring even count? Does it actually detract from Lebron’s resume?  

As far as the actual games go, the Heat were a long shot in this series from the beginning, but when Adebayo and Dragic both got hurt, they went from a long shot to shot of tequila at 2am. In other words, a toilet bowl full of vomit. The Lebron-Jordan debate will rage on forever, and great arguments can be made for both, and that’s what makes a great sports debate. But, one thing that can’t be argued – Jordan never faced an opposing lineup in the finals as fierce as Jimmy Butler, Jae Crowder, Meyers Leonard, Duncan Robinson, and Tyler Herro. 

El Nino! 

Sergio Garcia returned to the winner’s circle today at the Sanderson Farms Championship in Jackson, MS. We’re confident that the giant rooster trophy he received will be cherished in a comparable manner as his Green Jacket. Sergio has been so irrelevant during 2020 that the only thing more surprising than his win was the fact he actually went to the state of Mississippi. Pretty sure when he was the darling of the PGA Tour in 1999, he never envisioned that his career would drop to the point where he was playing a fall series event in Mississippi. But hey, he won $1.18 million today and we’re writing a blog. 

World Cup Champions! 

After the US hosted the 1994 World Cup, there was a movement within US Soccer that set a goal of winning the World Cup by 2010. At the time, we’d just taken soon-to-be World Cup Champion Brazil to the brink in the round of 16 and the Americans were feeling good. Well, it’s 2020 and we’re still waiting for that elusive World Cup title. We wonder if they realized at the time that the tournament is only played every four years. 

Regardless, the future of US Soccer seems incredibly bright, as its young stars are starting to not only get signed in the best leagues in Europe, but they are actually playing for the best teams in the best leagues. This week, Christian Pulisic returned from injury wearing the #10 jersey for Chelsea, Gio Reyna had three assists in a Bundesliga game for Borussia Dortmund and Sergino Dest signed with Barcelona. If you have even the slightest awareness of US Men’s Soccer, you’ve heard of Pulisic. If you’re a soccer fan of our vintage, you probably know more about Gio’s father Claudio, who was a star at UVA in college and for the national team. Dest, on the other hand, is someone that candidly, we had never heard of until this week. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Dest’s father is American so we sent the Navy Seals in to rescue him from a career of being stuck playing for one the most successful national teams in the world to be able to play for the country that will definitely win the 2010 World Cup. (Ed. Note – Netherlands actually played in the final of the 2010 World Cup. The US needed a miracle goal against Algeria to advance to the round of 16…and lost) 

While having players compete for the best clubs in the world doesn’t guarantee success on the international stage for the United States, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. For as much as MLS has grown and improved, it’s not the Premier League. Or the Bundesliga. Or La Liga. You get the point. The more talent that’s playing at the highest level around the world, the better our chances as a country on the international stage. Groundbreaking analysis, we know. That’s why you pay the big bucks for access to this website.  

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