Weekly Ramblings – October 11

The extended Hangover family arrived this week to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day by complaining about having to wear a mask and being surprised that people are at restaurants when they try to go to Sunday brunch. We’re taking a mental health break to spend time with our favorite readers, and we’d like to thank the four of you for your continued support. 


It takes a confident, self-aware human to admit when they were wrong. Fortunately, we don’t qualify for either of those descriptors, so we’re going to try to explain that when we said the NBA Finals would be over by Wednesday, we meant that they would be over on Sunday. Clearly, we underestimated how much Jimmy Butler loves Disney World. One would think after 4 months of unlimited rides on Space Mountain, he would be ready to return home, but apparently, he wants one last weekend of magic before returning to South Beach. 

If they voted for NBA MVP based purely on play in the Bubble, Butler would win in a landslide. He has carried this team much further than anyone thought imaginable and proven many people who said he was a terrible leader and worse teammate wrong.  

While we would have loved for Danny Green to hit an NBA Championship-winning three at the end of Game 5, we’re now pulling even harder for the Heat to push this series to the limit. That said, the Lakers are going to win this series, so ultimately, we were right. 


Speaking of being right, our MLB preview picked the Rays and Braves to meet in the World Series, and each are only 4 wins away from making that prediction a reality. The Rays eliminated the Yankees in dramatic fashion, with a home run in the bottom of the 8th in Game 5 of the Division Series. Most importantly, they prevented all of us from facing an impossible choice: root for the Evil Empire or the Franchise That Cheated Its Way to a World Series.  

Meanwhile, in the National League, the Braves face the Dodgers in what used to be a huge division rivalry game. That’s right, somehow the Atlanta Braves used to be in the NL West. Poor geography aside, this historic rivalry should prove to be a great series. So far, the Braves pitching has been the story, as they have pitched shutouts in 4 of their 5 games so far. We’ll have to check with the Sabermetrics geeks, but if they are able to pitch four more shutouts, they will win this series too. We guarantee it. 


This morning, Rafa Nadal beat Novak Djokovic to win his 13th French Open title, bringing him to 20 career Grand Slam titles which ties him with Roger Federer for the most all-time in Men’s tennis. Those three are the greatest men’s tennis players of all-time, and continue their dominance over the sport, as they have for the last 20 years. We’ve always rooted for Nadal over the other two, if only because we can relate better to his incessant sweating and wedgies. That said, if we’re being fair, we’d still rank Federer ahead of him. Maybe it’s how easy Federer has always made tennis look, or the fact that he has greater variety in his Grand Slams. What Nadal has been to clay courts, Federer has been to grass and hard courts. And we’re putting Djokovic third because he’s a jerk, but he may ultimately end up with the most Grand Slam titles. 


The NFL was winning its fight against COVID for a while, but things are starting to get a little dicey. The Titans continue to compete with the White House to see who is a bigger COVID factory, and now the Patriots have entered the chat. We can’t keep up with who is playing when, but several games have been postponed, which in turn has led to other games moving around and bye weeks disappearing. The challenge for the NFL is how compact their schedule is, and as more games are changed, the greater the chance the playoff schedule is affected. Unlike MLB, who faced similar issues with outbreaks on teams, the NFL can’t make up games with a bunch of doubleheaders. Although, the prospect of the Patriots season being derailed by COVID after all their years of cheating may be proof that karma does exist. Belichick’s going to send his camera crew to Wuhan next year instead of the Bengals game to do some real spying. 

At the same time as these franchises are dealing with COVID outbreaks and case counts are rising in many states, the Governor of Florida announced this week that the NFL franchises can have as many fans as they want in their stadiums for games. Meanwhile, the NFL franchises and their owners whose core values are “Straight Cash Homey” and “Cut the Check!” have said, “Thanks, but we’re going to keep limiting attendance.”  

This Week in Carolina Football  

Mack…Still Back. After rushing for almost 400 yards, the Heels have reached out to the Heisman Trust to make sure they’ll make two trophies when Michael Carter and Javonte Williams share the Heisman this year, with Sam Howell as runner-up and Dazz Newsome in fourth. We suppose Virginia Tech’s lunch pail was out due to the contact tracing. 

Elsewhere in College Football 

Highlights from the Saturday in college football include LSU being terrible, Miami not being back, Texas definitely not being back, Arkansas might be good but definitely got screwed by the officials and Jeremy Pruitt auditioned for a role as a member of King Arthur’s Court in the next Monty Python movie while coaching against Georgia. Pruitt managed to use his face covering to cover his entire head except for his actual face. Pretty inspiring actually.  

Your Weekly DeChambeau Update 

The most-discussed golfer this year continues to stay atop of the talk shows, even when not winning. For the first two rounds, he was near the lead and inciting debate about distance, especially after driving the green on 380-yard par 4s. On Saturday, he played poorly, and complained to a photographer about taking too many pictures. Can’t wait to see what Sunday brings! 

Enjoy your week. Thanks for allowing us this safe space. Back into the maelstrom! 

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