College Football Picks October 24

With the return of Big Ten Football this weekend, we are feeling frisky, so we thought we’d make some picks to get everyone ready. We would have waited for the Pac 12 to join to, but like everyone else, we don’t care about the Pac 12.  A few ground rules before we jump in. We’ll try to pick 10 games each week, but well, don’t get your hopes up. You know how it goes around here. Second, we’re just picking straight up – no spreads – because frankly, that’s hard and way more effort than we care to put forth. Third – we will only revisit the picks when we are correct.  

Now that we’ve hopefully set as low an expectation as possible for the quality of these picks, let’s dive in! 

UNC vs. NC State – For the first time in 27 years, both of these teams are ranked in the top 25, and it should make for a fun Saturday in Kenan Stadium. Mack Brown, when discussing the fact both programs are ranked, complimented the high school coaches in North Carolina.  Always be ‘crootin. We all know who we’re picking to win this game, but we are interested to see how the Heels bounce back from an awful first half in Tallahassee. Go Heels. 

Georgia Southern vs. Coastal Carolina – We mention this game for two reasons. First, Coastal Carolina is ranked and being mentioned on Work Hangover was the last great milestone for this program. Expect this mention to show up on their Wikipedia page shortly. Second, we can link to this press conference. Chanticleers win. 

Nebraska vs. Ohio State – The best thing Nebraska has brought to the Big Ten is the Faux Pelini twitter account, and they ruined that because they fired Bo Pelini after winning 9 or 10 games every year for seven straight years. Now, we all know how they handled themselves during the summer, and their thank you gift from the conference is a trip to Columbus, which would be a bad enough punishment without also having to lose by 40. 

Alabama vs. Tennessee – The Third Saturday in October has a storied tradition and is a fierce rivalry which 13 years ago, the series record was 43-38-7 in Alabama’s favor. Today? It’s 56-38-7. By Saturday evening, it will be 57-38-7. 

Penn State vs. Indiana –  Since we don’t want to sleep on the sofa this weekend, we’re picking Penn State. Not as dumb as we look. 

Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State – With Oklahoma struggling and Texas, well, being the same Texas they’ve been for a decade, the Big 12 is up for grabs and these two programs have a chance to step into the vacancy atop the conference. And there ends what I know about these programs. Oh, and Mike Gundy is a man. We remember that. Cyclones win. 

Michigan vs. Minnesota – The Wolverines head north, which is not something you can say much when you live in Ann Arbor, to take on PJ Fleck and they’ll bring the Little Brown Jug with them.  Among trophy games that Michigan plays, the Brown Jug is our second favorite behind the Battle for the Big Bear between the soccer programs of Michigan and Michigan State. But, we digress. Sadly for our great friends in Ann Arbor, their travel party back home early Sunday morning will not include the Brown Jug. This game will mean more for Minnesota, and they’ll play like it. 

Cincinnati vs. SMU – Did you know that Cincinnati is ranked in the Top 10? In Football? Yeah, me neither, but ESPN says it’s true so I guess it is. With that kind of ranking, and undefeated record, gives them a chance to sneak into the playoff if they can go undefeated. Of course, SMU has a player named Ulysses Bentley IV. So, we’re picking SMU. 

Chattanooga vs. Western Kentucky – The game of the day will be the upset of the day, as the Mocs plan to roll into Bowling Green and level the Hilltoppers.  Go Mocs! 

Remember when we said we’d try to pick ten games, but don’t get your hopes up? Well, there are 9 picks. We are nothing if not self-aware.  

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