Weekly Ramblings – January 24

We are speechless. The response to last week’s Ramblings has been overwhelming. Most weeks, we write not knowing if anyone will read. Or, if someone does, do they enjoy it? Do they hate it? Did they end up on our site accidentally while searching for hangover cures while at work?  

Well, this week was different. We received almost double-digit texts or emails in response. And the recurring themes were empathy and compassion. And by empathy and compassion, we mean reveling in our misery.  

That said, we received more response from last week’s post than anything we have ever written about sports. For some people, this might cause them to rethink their life’s work. Fortunately, we are not one of those people. We are committed to our mildly amusing and rarely insightful thoughts on the world of sports. However, we would be foolish not to make some minor adjustments to the game plan.  

So, an added feature to the Ramblings will be “This Week at Hangover Headquarters” where you will be treated to a glimpse into our life when we’re not crafting Pulitzer-caliber journalism. 

As a follow-up to our post last week, we are happy to report Mrs. Hangover was COVID-free and able to return to action. So, Baby Hangover is healthy and happy, and we took a really long nap.  

This week, with the baby back in the hands of someone who knows what she is doing, we returned to our usual role of being asked to fix things around the house that we have no idea how to fix. This week’s culprit – the ice maker in the fridge. We know we’ve discussed how its prolific ice making abilities were put to the test during a visit from Grandma & Grandpa Hangover previously, and we realize that stories about ice machines are not interesting. However, this isn’t just a story about an ice maker. It’s a motivational story about overcoming adversity, perseverance, patience and tiny screws. 

Before the Great Quarantine of 2021, we noticed our ice maker was not, in fact, making ice. We just suffered through room temperature filtered water but had bigger issues to tackle. With the time and energy to devote to this project, we decided to try our best idea first. After turning the ice machine off, waiting a few seconds and turning it back on every day for a week with no results, we realized we may have to get creative. 

So, Saturday evening, we tackled the great beast. Fortunately, Mrs. Hangover had googled a video of how to dismantle the ice maker, so with two tool chests, 37 different screw drivers and YouTube, we went to work. 

Over the course of a couple hours, through crying babies, encouragement from Mrs. Hangover to “maybe wait till after dinner” and our own personal incompetence, we totally dismantled the ice maker. Another couple hours, a bowl of ice cream, two beers and the consistent, yet smoothing beeping of the refrigerator for leaving the door open too long and the ice maker was reassembled. Upon completion, we asked Mrs. Hangover, “what do you think the chances of there being ice in the morning?”  

Her response, “Not good.” 

Speaking of not good, kicking a field goal with just over 2 minutes remaining in the NFC Championship game when you are down by 8 points and Tom Brady is the quarterback of the other team is not good. 

So, Brady returns to the Super Bowl, which is his 10th appearance in the biggest football game of the year. There have been 55 total Super Bowls played, and he has played in 10 of them. That’s outrageous. Before the season started, we debated who would win the Brady-Patriots divorce, and well, like usual, Brady wins. We’re pretty sure he cheated, but he definitely won. 

In the AFC Championship game, which is currently taking place, the Bills continue to decide to kick field goals against the most prolific offense in football. Also, not good.  

So, it appears that the Chiefs and the NFL’s future king Patrick Mahomes will be facing the Bucs and the NFL’s all-time king Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Get your mind right for the way too many “passing of the torch” stories, references and cheesy montages. 

Ordinarily, we would be reaching the heart of college basketball season where we finally start to know who teams are, who is good and who isn’t. This particular college hoops season is like the toddler who is the size of an 8-year-old but is actually only 3. He looks like he shouldn’t still be pooping his pants, but in fact, it’s totally normal.  

While it’s abundantly clear that Gonzaga and Baylor are great or that Kentucky and Duke are bad, there are plenty of teams that we’re still learning about. We’re hoping that North Carolina is one of those teams, as the guards seem to be figuring some things out, and the Heels have quietly run off several wins. While the competition hasn’t been great, they are winning games and that’s all that matters. Look for the return of Anthony Harris to spark the Heels into the upper tier of a relatively mediocre ACC. 

Meanwhile, in Durham, things have derailed to the point where Krzyzewski has decided to take his anger out on a student reporter. Following their loss to Louisville, Krzyzewski was asked a question to the effect of “where do you go from here?” Fair question for the coach of a struggling team that is accustomed to winning and for a coach who has been very open about his opinion that they shouldn’t even be playing basketball right now (we won’t mention that the women’s basketball team at Duke felt the same way, and you know, stopped playing). Krzyzewski’s response was to belittle the student with some bizarre analogy to underperforming on an economics quiz. For this aspiring journalist, it was an important lesson: Krzyzewski is a turd. 

Meanwhile in the Big Ten, the Michigan Wolverines have stormed to the top of the Big Ten standings and reacted in the only logical way: claiming they are Patient Zero of the mutant coronavirus strain and that they have to shut everything down for at least two weeks (or until Iowa loses a couple more games). Looks like they’ll be raising another banner in Crisler Center! Don’t hate the player, hate the game. 

Elsewhere in sports, the NBA is much less interesting when players can to go to Magic City whenever they want, the ratings war between Patrick Cantlay vs. Si Woo Kim in a dramatic race to shoot 22-under par and the NFC Championship game between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady doesn’t feel like a fair fight for the NFL and don’t look now, but young Americans are dominating international soccer after the inspiring story of Ted Lasso at AFC Richmond.  

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