Weekly Ramblings – February 14

We apologize for the void we’ve left in your heart over the past few weeks by not offering up our Ramblings. On this Valentine’s Day, we aim to make it up to you with a love letter of a post. And by love letter, we mean discussing Jordan Spieth’s resurgence.  

One of the biggest reasons we have not been as diligent in our posting over the past few weeks is that we haven’t had any major life issues arise like a faulty ice maker. It’s also been two weeks since an In-Law or Grandparent was in town, much to their chagrin, and therefore, we really don’t have anything interesting to share. Sure, there’s a tiny little thing of relocating Hangover Headquarters, but we’ll have more to share on that at a later date. No one really cares about that anyway. Much more interesting are my thoughts on poor dishwasher loading techniques and the moral dilemma of whether to launch dog poop in our backyard over the fence and into a semi-major thoroughfare.  

The answer, of course, is that it’s a perfectly acceptable practice and extra points are awarded if it falls into an open sunroof of a passing car. 

Earlier this week, our old friend Cheston returned for an in-depth look at the state of college basketball as we head into the homestretch of the season. In that post, we stated that Illinois and Villanova are national title contenders, and that the Heels would rally for an upset in Charlottesville. Within 24 hours of the post going on the site, Illinois almost lost to Nebraska, Villanova lost by 16 and Carolina failed to score 50 points (again) in Charlottesville.  We’re expecting ESPN to call any day to offer spot as an analyst. 

One thing we didn’t fully discuss was the fact that there is a very real scenario where the NCAA Tournament doesn’t include UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State and Indiana. While we certainly won’t miss some of those teams, it’s a pretty incredible statement on the college basketball landscape. That’s 5 of the top 10 programs in the history of college basketball, which have every resource and advantage when it comes to being successful at winning basketball games. Meanwhile, the following programs are projected to receive At-Large bids: Rutgers, Drake and Boise State. Be honest – you didn’t realize Boise State had a basketball team and when you think of Drake, you think of coffee cake from Seinfeld.  

To indulge ourselves for a moment (let’s be honest, no one is reading this anyway), Drake is the alma mater of Zach Johnson, who we had the distinct pleasure of hosting in Ann Arbor once upon a time. And if you don’t know who Zach Johnson is, you would fit in well with the other 110,000 people at Michigan Stadium and the delightful Buffalo Wild Wings waitress. But, don’t worry Zach. You have a Green Jacket and a Claret Jug in your collection. Keep reminding yourself of that. 

Speaking of winning golf tournaments, did we tell you that we won the 4th Flight of the Black Creek member-member* tournament in August?  

*Do not actually pay for this membership. Also, there were a total of 4 flights. 

Seriously though, in golf played by people who are actually good, Jordan Spieth is on the brink of winning his first tournament since 2017. After he walked off the 18th green at Royal Birkdale with his Claret Jug and third major championship at the age of 23, the conversation of chasing Jack Nicklaus’ 18 majors was underway. Three and a half years later with no wins in anything, including a battle with a receding hairline, Spieth sits atop the leaderboard at Pebble Beach.  

At the end of Spieth’s career 25 (!) years from now, we’ll likely look back at this three year stretch as a minor blip. The chances of him actually catching Nicklaus are miniscule, but let’s just say he wins one major every four years. That would put him at 9 total majors, which would put him 4th in all-time major wins. Pretty damn good. And let’s be honest, only 29 golfers all-time have won more than 3. So, Jordan was already in the Hall of Fame by the time he was 23.  

All the historical stuff said, it was pretty remarkable last week when he shot 61 to vault into contention. If you happen to be a Tweeter, #GolfTwitter was more excited about Spieth’s round than anything except for Tiger at the 2019 Masters. Or Tiger hitting range balls. Or Tiger’s son Charlie. You get the point. Spieth’s story – a meteoric rise followed by a precipitous fall followed by a resurgence – is the type of story that all sports fans love. Tune in to CBS later today to see how he fares being back in the pressure of the final group on Sunday. Well, that, and to hear Jim Nantz remind everyone incessantly that he lives at Pebble Beach and has a replica of the famous par-3 7th hole in his backyard. To be fair, if either of those things were true for us, we would remind you too. By the way, did we tell you about the Black Creek Member-Member?  

Ok, we’ve got Baby Hangover to tend to, a Valentine’s gift to buy for Mrs. Hangover and my kingdom’s 500th anniversary to plan. We’re swamped.  

Here’s hoping you find love, or an open tee sheet at your local course, today.  

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