Welcome to March

Well, friends. We made it. It’s March. And we all know what that means, right?! FOOTBALL! 

Oh, you thought we were talking about that pesky little basketball tournament that is occasionally played this month? Did they decide to have that again? Can someone check with Coach K to see what is going to happen? Oh, they are having the tournament – that’s good. But, Duke isn’t going to play in it? Are they opting out? No. Just not good enough to be in it this year. Huh. 

Before we dive into what makes March the greatest month of the year for our sports fandom, we turn our attention to FCS football. The Division 1 football division that actually crowns a true national champion with an actual playoff moved its season to the spring. And if you thought football coaches were high maintenance, just tell them they have to play two seasons in one calendar year! 

To be fair, there are legitimate health concerns that go far beyond COVID for playing a season this spring and then turning around and playing a full slate in the fall. The physical toll that football takes on you is real, and the body needs time to recover. 

However, more of the complaints are rooted in “football is meant to be played in the fall” and “change bad” mentalities that most football coaches (and really all coaches) embody. 

Well, this past weekend, we got our first real glimpse into what a spring football season will look like, and it was glorious. 

We could discuss the #1-ranked North Dakota State Bison losing for the first time in 39 games. We could discuss your Chattanooga Mocs dominating the SoCon favorite Wofford in a stadium without running water due to “winterization” despite the fact it was 60 degrees. We could go back and discuss Coach Prime having his stuff stolen, or lost, or stolen again, from his office during a game because that’s still ludicrous.

All would be great candidates for the moment of the weekend, but instead, let’s head out to Idaho and check in on the Eastern Washington vs. Idaho game that we know you’ve all kept a close eye on.

In a moment that may be the defining moment of the 2020-21 year, a kicker for Eastern Washington made a field goal. That’s not that interesting, right. What if we told that the uprights are against the wall of a dome, the ball ricocheted off the scoreboard attached to said wall, came back toward the kicker, landed in the end zone and the official ruled it no good because he was adjusting his face mask instead of watching the kick? Enjoy.

All of this is to tell you that you should be watching FCS this spring. There are some great players and teams, but the storylines are even better. What other sport would the Dakotas dominate like the SEC? Sure, you may have to pony up the $5.99/month for ESPN+, but it’s absolutely worth it. 

As for that other sporting event in March, you can rest assured that we’ll have some content related to it over the next three weeks. But, today, March 1 5, is all about FCS football. Enjoy it this spring in all its glory!

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