Weekly Ramblings – January 17

You’re sitting at home, watching Home Town on HGTV the NFL Playoffs, and thinking to yourself, we wish Work Hangover talked less about sports and more about their personal lives. From your mind to our fingertips, the stars have aligned.  In a turn of events that only 2021, which, for the record, is way worse so far than 2020, can produce, Mrs.Continue reading “Weekly Ramblings – January 17”

Weekly Ramblings – January 10

Look – a lot a crazy, terrible things happened this past week in the world, but for the sake of our own sanity, we’re going to write a few words about sports and see if we can conjure up a few jokes just to make ourselves feel better.   On Saturday, the Washington Football Team hosted the TampaContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – January 10”

Weekly Ramblings – January 3

Considering it’s been at least three weeks since we properly rambled, we’ll omit the usual pleasantries and just dive in. We got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about them!  First, it’s 2021. All we heard in the run up to New Year’s Day was how terrible 2020 was and how ready everyone was for a new year. We just wantContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – January 3”

CFPick December 19

The latest College Football Playoff rankings came out, and football media got all worked up because these venerable sports writers disagreed with the rankings. And, there were some valid complaints, but there’s also a fair amount of unnecessary angst. You can view the full rankings here, but from what we read, here were the top three complaints, and our response: Continue reading “CFPick December 19”

Weekly Ramblings December 13

We’re back, and we’re about the same as we’ve always been, but thanks for asking. We’ll get to some of our thoughts on the actual games that we’re played over the past week, but we’ll begin with last Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes.  We’re generally not smart enough to critique anything that 60 Minutes does, but this time theyContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings December 13”

Ramblings, Picks and Duke Losing

We’re mixing it up this week, and not just because we may have already broken into the egg nog. We’re going to blend our usual weekend ramblings with some college football picks and if we have time, we may make fun of Duke. We’ll just see where things go.   This week, the Maui Invitational came to you live from Asheville, NC, naturally.Continue reading “Ramblings, Picks and Duke Losing”

Weekly Ramblings – November 29

We’re still in a bit of a food coma after Thanksgiving, so forgive us if this is brief. Other than setting new records for Apple Watch alerts reminding us to stand up and for caloric intake in a 24-hour period, we also had some exciting moments in the world of sports.  College basketball tipped off on Wednesday,Continue reading “Weekly Ramblings – November 29”

Carolina Basketball Season Preview

Wednesday marked the beginning of the college basketball season, and like everything this year, it didn’t go exactly as planned. Some games were cancelled, some were postponed, some games had an official test positive right before the game tipped off. But the Heels managed to get their season underway with a win over College of Charleston.   Since it’s always wise toContinue reading “Carolina Basketball Season Preview”

Weekly Ramblings – November 22

After our exhaustive, or perhaps exhausting, coverage of The Masters, we gave our staff most of the week off in order to recover. That was a lot of pimiento cheese, after all. Regardless, we’ve located all of our pants with elastic waistbands and we’re back with our usual Sunday stroll through the world of sport.  College Football  COVID continues to dominate, but college football is pressing on, and we’d expect nothingContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – November 22”