College Football Picks October 24

With the return of Big Ten Football this weekend, we are feeling frisky, so we thought we’d make some picks to get everyone ready. We would have waited for the Pac 12 to join to, but like everyone else, we don’t care about the Pac 12.  A few ground rules before we jump in. We’ll try to pickContinue reading “College Football Picks October 24”

Hateability Rankings – MLB

As we sit here a few weeks away from an election, the country seems as divided as ever. The vitriol taking place around our election has spilled over into the sports world and it feels like it’s not acceptable to just have a different opinion anymore. You think Lebron is better than Jordan? You’re the dumbest human alive! You think golfers wearingContinue reading “Hateability Rankings – MLB”

Weekly Ramblings – October 11

The extended Hangover family arrived this week to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day by complaining about having to wear a mask and being surprised that people are at restaurants when they try to go to Sunday brunch. We’re taking a mental health break to spend time with our favorite readers, and we’d like to thank the four of you for your continued support. Continue reading “Weekly Ramblings – October 11”

Weekly Ramblings – October 4

We’ve been so busy watching sports that we forgot to actually write about them. Fear not, we remembered enough about what happened over the past week to have a few thoughts.   Mack = Still Back  Another dominant performance from your #8-ranked Tar Heels against Boston College on Saturday in Chestnut Hill. The Heels, ever hospitable, allowed the Eagles to hang aroundContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – October 4”

Weekly Ramblings – September 27

We’re experiencing this odd phenomenon. Professional and college teams are competing, these competitions are on television, fans are making totally rational claims about the quality of their team and media are debating silly things like “Is Mitch Trubisky actually the greatest quarterback in NFL History?”  So, let’s dive in and see what’s been happening.  Baseball Playoffs  Baseball’s shortened season came to a close today, and likeContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – September 27”

Weekly Ramblings – September 20

It was a busy week in the world of sports, but like most of the last seven months, it was talking about playing sports that made more news than the actual playing of the sports. Fortunately, you’re in luck. We’re experts at writing about people talking about other people thinking about playing sports.  Let’s see how the week went…  DeChamboo-yah  So, IContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – September 20”

10 to Win the U.S. Open

As we all know, the US Open tees off on Thursday morning. Our National Championship has often been defined by outrageously difficult layouts with tiny fairways, long and thick rough, and tiny greens that are unfair really fast and undulating. Perhaps no golf course fits that mold better than Winged Foot, which, coincidentally is where the best golfers in the world happen to be convening thisContinue reading “10 to Win the U.S. Open”