Weekly Ramblings – July 19

We gotta be honest with you. It was not a good week if you are someone who enjoys college sports, plays college sports, or happen to work in college sports. Fortunately, none of those describe Work Hangover, so we had a wonderful week. After all, we took the day off on Friday to play golf and squeezed out a personal best score. All credit due to theContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – July 19”

Weekend Update – Ten to Win

We’ve reached the midway point at the Memorial, so let’s take a quick look at where things stand for our esteemed Ten to Win:  Jason Day: -5 (7th place) The Muirfield Village member is off to a great start, despite not having much of a record of past success here. Might be our best pick…like where he stands heading into moving day. You’re welcome. Continue reading “Weekend Update – Ten to Win”

Weekly Ramblings – July 12

So…anything happen in the world of college athletics this week? If by anything, you mean bold announcements being made that may or may not actually mean anything in the long run, then yes. The answer is yes. But, for now, at the very least it provides us with something to discuss. Let’s take a look at where things stand in our quest to bringContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – July 12”

Long Gone Summer

We recently watched the latest 30 for 30, “Long Gone Summer” which covered the great home run chase of 1998 between several different versions of steroids  Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. Watching the documentary brought back great memories of a simpler time when people played sports, fans were there to watch and no one in any way was cheating whatsoever. Here are 9* quick thoughts on the documentary (orContinue reading “Long Gone Summer”

Weekly Ramblings – June 14

As we sit here on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we are thankful for the fact that we’re going to plant ourselves on a sofa, turn on a television and watch about 5 hours of the best golfers in the world battle it out. We may even doze off for a portion of time. Who knows? The world is our oyster, and we’re goingContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – June 14”

Weekly Ramblings June 7

As the calendar turns to June, and the humidity rises to 150% in Southeast Tennessee, we are really longing for some actual sports to be played so we can sit inside in the air conditioning and watch other people exercise. In an effort to give us all some hope, let’s take a look at where things stand with our various sports leagues. Continue reading “Weekly Ramblings June 7”