Weekly Ramblings – September 13

We let you down last week, and we know that we may never recover from violating the trust that both of you have put in us. You likely wandered aimlessly through the last week, unable to participate in virtual water cooler talk because you didn’t have our exclusive insights to share. We apologize. And we can promise that we will definitely let you down again.Continue reading “Weekly Ramblings – September 13”

Course Review – Washtenaw Golf Club

Our journey through the history of golf in Michigan takes us back to the beginning, at the third-oldest course in the state, Washtenaw Golf Club. Opened in 1899, WGC has an old school charm to its layout, with narrow, tree-lined fairways, tiny greens with plenty of undulations and a buy-5, get 1 free beer special. Just way theContinue reading “Course Review – Washtenaw Golf Club”

Course Review – Eagle Glen

Our tour of the most revered courses in Michigan continued today, as we took a little trip up to mid-Michigan to play Eagle Glen. While the GPS may have said Farwell, Michigan, if you had told us it was the coast of Scotland, we would have believed you. Lush, rolling fairways, devilish bunkers, heather and gorse to gobble up any wayward shots,Continue reading “Course Review – Eagle Glen”

Course Review – Radrick Farms

As part of our temporary relocation to Ann Arbor, we will be doing investigative research on golf courses in the area. Not because we want to, but because our readers need to know. Over the next week, we’ll visit Radrick Farms Golf Club, the Blue Course at University of Michigan and get a wee taste of ScotlandContinue reading “Course Review – Radrick Farms”

Weekly Ramblings – August 30

So, we temporarily relocated Work Hangover Headquarters to Michigan over the past week, so you’ll have to excuse the brevity of this post. However, since Hangover HQ is currently our in-laws living room, where the situation is currently no lighting, no television on, the in-laws both neck deep on Facebook in their iPhones and the only sound alternates between a dog lapping up water andContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – August 30”

Weekly Ramblings – August 23

This week’s ramblings will be abbreviated due to a return visit from the Hangover parents. You’ll be pleased to know that we are not suffering through an ice shortage during this visit, but patience is running way low. We were able to sneak away to write up this brief, yet poignant collection of our thoughts from the past week.  CollegeContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – August 23”

Weekly Ramblings – August 16

It is not hyperbole to say that the past week was the saddest week in the history of college athletics. While most of it was unsurprising, it was all pretty depressing for everyone involved. There are a million different tentacles to all the news and decisions that were, or weren’t, made over the last week so we won’t go intoContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – August 16”

PGA 10 to Win Friday Update

It’s 10pm on Friday night, and the marquee group of Tiger, Rory and Justin Thomas just finished their second round. Gotta love prime time golf coverage, right Mrs. Hangover!? Let’s take a quick look at our 10: Berger – 6-under, T2: The good form continues for Berger, and he’s well positioned for the weekend. ExcitedContinue reading “PGA 10 to Win Friday Update”