Long Gone Summer

We recently watched the latest 30 for 30, “Long Gone Summer” which covered the great home run chase of 1998 between several different versions of steroids  Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. Watching the documentary brought back great memories of a simpler time when people played sports, fans were there to watch and no one in any way was cheating whatsoever. Here are 9* quick thoughts on the documentary (orContinue reading “Long Gone Summer”

Weekly Ramblings – June 14

As we sit here on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we are thankful for the fact that we’re going to plant ourselves on a sofa, turn on a television and watch about 5 hours of the best golfers in the world battle it out. We may even doze off for a portion of time. Who knows? The world is our oyster, and we’re goingContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – June 14”

Weekly Ramblings June 7

As the calendar turns to June, and the humidity rises to 150% in Southeast Tennessee, we are really longing for some actual sports to be played so we can sit inside in the air conditioning and watch other people exercise. In an effort to give us all some hope, let’s take a look at where things stand with our various sports leagues. Continue reading “Weekly Ramblings June 7”

Weekly Ramblings May 31

Listen, there are really important, serious, sad, confusing, and frustrating things happening in our country right now. We aren’t going to go into all that here because frankly, it’s not something to joke about and this blog has always been a place for us to escape the stress of real life. But, between the pandemic, the rioting and protests and the grandparents visiting, we haven’t hadContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings May 31”

The Match Part Deux Report Card

Last Sunday afternoon, four Dads in their mid to late 40s are looking to get out of the house, away from their kids and play a relaxing round of golf at the local muni course. The Michelob Ultra beverage cart is loaded up, and they undoubtedly have some terrible jokes lined up to attempt to flirt with the cart girl, who will laugh at theirContinue reading “The Match Part Deux Report Card”

Weekly Ramblings – Memorial Day Edition

We gotta be honest with you – it doesn’t feel like Memorial Day Weekend. We had a conversation this week where we were told someone was unavailable because “it’s a holiday weekend.” Usually, we would understand this excuse, but it struck us as a little odd. So, we pressed. “What exactly do you have planned for your holiday weekend?” The answer?Continue reading “Weekly Ramblings – Memorial Day Edition”

Corona Cuts – NCAA Edition

Earlier this week, Furman University announced it was cutting its baseball and men’s lacrosse program, as well as 45 additional scholarships over the next four years. These cuts were made under the cover of COVID-19, along with other cost-saving measures like furloughs and salary reductions of the President and other senior administrators. They were just the most recent in a line of schools who are makingContinue reading “Corona Cuts – NCAA Edition”

The Week in Review

Well, that plan lasted all of one week.  We didn’t get to this by Friday, so we have a new plan.  We’re assuming no one noticed. Nevertheless, this week was one where some real, actual, ‘Murican sports actually took place.  No more of this Korean Baseball at 5am. And by ‘Murican, we mean the German Bundesliga.   Pro Sports…On TV!  Listen, at this point, we’re allContinue reading “The Week in Review”