Ten to Win the 2020 Masters

One of the most popular features of Work Hangover 1.0 was our 10 to Win series prior to each major championship.  For the newcomers, here’s how it works.  We write about 10 golfers we think can win the tournament.  I’ll give you a moment to make sure you grasp the concept.  Now, back when we were writing these posts and thereContinue reading “Ten to Win the 2020 Masters”

Signs of Hope: The New Golf Calendar

As we contemplated the relaunch of Work Hangover, there were several questions we debated – how much can we sell WH for to a venture capital firm? Do we have a functional computer? Should we just google – how to start a webpage? And finally, what exactly would we write about without sports, you know, taking place?  MostContinue reading “Signs of Hope: The New Golf Calendar”

College Basketball Year in Review

The primarily storyline of the 2019-20 men’s college basketball season was one of chaos. It seemed nightly there was a massive upset – the unexpected became the expected. We had great stories unfolding and were set up for an epic NCAA tournament. And then, well, you know. We’re determined not to say the name ofContinue reading “College Basketball Year in Review”

UNC vs. UK 2017

In just a few days, the college basketball world should be descending on Atlanta for the Final Four. The last time the Final Four was in Atlanta, Louisville defeated Michigan for the national championship…wait, what’s that? That game never happened because Rick Pitino was buying drugs and strippers for recruits? Huh, interesting. In other news,Continue reading “UNC vs. UK 2017”

Missing March Madness

This weekend should have been a time for everyone who loves college basketball – sports in general really – to celebrate. The Elite 8 matchups would have been played Saturday and Sunday, with four teams celebrating the landmark achievement in college basketball of reaching the Final Four. Sure, winning the National Championship is the ultimateContinue reading “Missing March Madness”

Course Review: Black Creek Club

As we mentioned in our introductory posts, as we’ve aged (like a fine wine, we might add) and turned into a dad, golf has become a more prevalent aspect of our sporting lives. So, for no one’s enjoyment but our own, we’ll start a series golf course reviews. But fear not! This won’t be someContinue reading “Course Review: Black Creek Club”

Who can defeat CoronaVirus?

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how serious to take CoronaVirus until today. Why today? This is why. If this CoronaVirus can defeat Waffle House, we’re all in big, big trouble. But, there has to be someone, somewhere who can actually defeat this thing, right? Great question – glad you asked. Allow me to present our bestContinue reading “Who can defeat CoronaVirus?”

Where are our sports?!

Wow – what an opening weekend to the NCAA Tournament! With UNC suffering it’s worst season since 2001-02 season and not making the tournament, there was a reduced level of excitement going into the tournament at Work Hangover. But, as always, the NCAA tournament wins again – the Spiders went from First Four to theContinue reading “Where are our sports?!”

Hello, friends

Welcome! We’re so glad you’ve decided to waste spend your time at our humble website. Work Hangover has a storied history, but for the past decade has been in hibernation. Life, shoddy internet service and a complete lack of demand were among the reasons the site has been on a decade-long hiatus. But, there’s nothingContinue reading “Hello, friends”

An Oral History of Work Hangover

Sometime in the mid-2000s, there was a guy living in a Northern Virginia apartment he couldn’t afford, working a job he hated, spending way too much time in bars (Dan’s Cafe, anyone?) and shockingly, he was single. So, naturally he turned to the internet. And no, not for dates (yet), but to put his hard-earned*Continue reading “An Oral History of Work Hangover”