March Madness is Here

Our long, national nightmare is over. There is going to be a men’s basketball tournament and Virginia will no longer be the reigning national champions. Every year, for men’s college basketball lovers, Selection Sunday is akin to Christmas Day. You never know exactly what’s going to be unwrapped, but it never disappoints. For 68 teamsContinue reading “March Madness is Here”

Weekly Ramblings February 21

The college basketball game of the year took place on Sunday, and amazingly, it was not the Liberty vs. North Alabama game that we’ve all been eagerly anticipating. With a COVID-pause forcing a postponement of that game, someone needed to step up in its place. So, we turn to Columbus where to friendly allies, OhioContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings February 21”

Weekly Ramblings – February 14

We apologize for the void we’ve left in your heart over the past few weeks by not offering up our Ramblings. On this Valentine’s Day, we aim to make it up to you with a love letter of a post. And by love letter, we mean discussing Jordan Spieth’s resurgence.   One of the biggest reasons we have notContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – February 14”

Weekly Ramblings – January 24

We are speechless. The response to last week’s Ramblings has been overwhelming. Most weeks, we write not knowing if anyone will read. Or, if someone does, do they enjoy it? Do they hate it? Did they end up on our site accidentally while searching for hangover cures while at work?   Well, this week was different. WeContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – January 24”

Weekly Ramblings – January 17

You’re sitting at home, watching Home Town on HGTV the NFL Playoffs, and thinking to yourself, we wish Work Hangover talked less about sports and more about their personal lives. From your mind to our fingertips, the stars have aligned.  In a turn of events that only 2021, which, for the record, is way worse so far than 2020, can produce, Mrs.Continue reading “Weekly Ramblings – January 17”

Weekly Ramblings – January 10

Look – a lot a crazy, terrible things happened this past week in the world, but for the sake of our own sanity, we’re going to write a few words about sports and see if we can conjure up a few jokes just to make ourselves feel better.   On Saturday, the Washington Football Team hosted the TampaContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings – January 10”