CFPicks – November 21

We’ve made it to Saturday, and we know your online gambling trigger fingers are getting itchy, so here is a quick rundown of our picks for the best games of the weekend.   Football vs. COVID: COVID  18 games postponed or canceled, including Clemson FSU THIS morning. Just wait till we start basketball season.  Indiana @ Ohio State  In caseContinue reading “CFPicks – November 21”

Saturday Masters Update

Apparently, more golfers need to embrace the sandwich as their favorite Masters tradition. Enough of the Green Jackets, the Par 3 Contest or skipping balls across the pond at 16 during practice rounds. It’s all about the sandwiches. And Masters Sunday will be all about DJ.   Despite all the big names bunched on the leaderboard going into the third round, oneContinue reading “Saturday Masters Update”

Masters 2nd Round Update

We realized today that there is something better than the Masters. There is the Masters coverage starting at 7:30am on a Saturday morning.   As the second round concludes, let’s see where our 10 stand heading into Moving Day.   Cantlay: 8-under (T6)  It says T6, but it’s just one shot back as 5 players are tied for the lead at 8-under.   DeChambeau: Even (T50)  Bryson’s second roundContinue reading “Masters 2nd Round Update”

CFPicks – November 14

We’re fully immersed in the Masters, but we didn’t want to leave our college football fans hanging as they prepare for the weekend on the gridiron. Let’s do a quick run of picks:  Alabama @ LSU: COVID                 Ohio State @ Maryland: COVID  Texas A&M @ Tennessee: COVID              Georgia @ Missouri: COVID       Auburn @ Mississippi State: COVID     Coastal Carolina @ Troy: COVID Continue reading “CFPicks – November 14”

Masters Thursday Update

2020 just couldn’t let us have nice things, at least not without making sure we remember who is really in charge. Thanks to a weather delay early in the first round, we were unable to finish the first round but let’s check in and see where our 10 stand after Thursday:  Cantlay: 2-under through 9  Great start for Cantlay, and due to where he finished,Continue reading “Masters Thursday Update”

Ten to Win the Masters – For Real!

Back in April, it was a simpler time. We figured COVID would last a few weeks so we started a blog and figured it would probably not last much longer. Well, here we are in November and COVID still exists, and perhaps more surprisingly, this blog still exists.   Way back when, we were longing for the Masters so we wrote a column picking whoContinue reading “Ten to Win the Masters – For Real!”

Who We’re Rooting For @ Augusta

Way back in early April when they postponed the Masters, we did a hypothetical Ten to Win for no other reason than there were literally no sports happening, so we had to come up with something. For both of you that have stuck with us through the ensuing seven months, our kudos. Frankly, we weren’t sure we’d still be around, much less anyone actual reading it.  Well, it isContinue reading “Who We’re Rooting For @ Augusta”

Weekly Ramblings November 8

Well friends, we made it. Many times, it felt like this day would never come. We’ve lived with fear, uncertainty, sadness, anger and confusion. Through it all though, hope remained and today, finally, we can breathe a little easier, the sun shines a little brighter, the birds chirp a little happier and food tastes a little sweeter. That’s right, it’s Masters Week.  We’ll have plenty of coverage throughoutContinue reading “Weekly Ramblings November 8”

College Football Picks – November 6

Things are crazy these days.  And there are a lot of important things going on in the world that capture our attention. So, it’s really nice to have a college football Saturday to just be able to sit back, watch your favorite team play and forget about all the craziness around us for a few hours. Unless, of course, you’re a fan of Purdue.Continue reading “College Football Picks – November 6”

State of the Program

Hello, America. Here we are on election night, wearing our American flag socks, a cold beer in hand and trying to think of anything that gives us less anxiety than the outcome of this election. So, let’s revisit the wonderful day of college football we enjoyed this past Saturday.  If you’re new here, and we know you aren’t Mom, there are three powerContinue reading “State of the Program”