Week in Review May 4-8

We’re trying something new here at the Hangover – a look back at the week that was in sports. Or, at least sports related things. We’re going to attempt to post these on Fridays, preferably after the workday is over and no one is looking at their computer for at least 72 hours.  We’re pretty savvy when it comes to maximizing readership. Anyway, thisContinue reading “Week in Review May 4-8”

The Week That Was

Guys. We made it. It’s May. While April is usually one of our favorite months on the sporting calendar, this April was the worst. Ever. But here we are in May and while there still aren’t any sports in the immediate future, unless you include just watching people beat each other up senselessly.  And if that is your cup ofContinue reading “The Week That Was”

The End of College Basketball?

Last week, the #1 recruit in college basketball for the upcoming season chose to bypass college and participate in a new G League program that offers prospects $500k and an opportunity to train and play against G League players.  But, he’s not actually in the G League – from the sounds of it, he’s on a glorified AAU team whereContinue reading “The End of College Basketball?”

College Basketball Year in Review

The primarily storyline of the 2019-20 men’s college basketball season was one of chaos. It seemed nightly there was a massive upset – the unexpected became the expected. We had great stories unfolding and were set up for an epic NCAA tournament. And then, well, you know. We’re determined not to say the name ofContinue reading “College Basketball Year in Review”

Missing March Madness

This weekend should have been a time for everyone who loves college basketball – sports in general really – to celebrate. The Elite 8 matchups would have been played Saturday and Sunday, with four teams celebrating the landmark achievement in college basketball of reaching the Final Four. Sure, winning the National Championship is the ultimateContinue reading “Missing March Madness”

Where are our sports?!

Wow – what an opening weekend to the NCAA Tournament! With UNC suffering it’s worst season since 2001-02 season and not making the tournament, there was a reduced level of excitement going into the tournament at Work Hangover. But, as always, the NCAA tournament wins again – the Spiders went from First Four to theContinue reading “Where are our sports?!”